Unloading Cinder Block using the Deliveryman Haulit

Unloading rock, brick and block WITHOUT A FORKLIFT is easy using the Deliveryman Haulit.  Using the trailer’s remote control you raise the bed of the trailer and push the pallet off until it is touching the ground.  Then simply pull your truck forward as the pallet slides off the trailer.  Delivering 1-4 pallets with a Haulit Trailer costs much less than using a semi and a forklift.  In additon you are able to drop pallets in much tighter spaces than you could ever reach with a semi.

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Unloading 4 Yards of Sand With The Deliveryman Haulit

Take a look at how easy it is to unload bulk goods using the Deliveryman Haulit Trailer.  Whether you want to unload bulk  top soil, sand, bark, or rock using the remote control you just tilt the bed of the trailer and activate the Push-Off Mechanism and you can drop the bulk good any place you like.

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Unloading 2 pallets of salt with a Deliveryman

The Haulit Trailer allows you to haul and unload pallets without a forklift. A Chain Driven Push Off Mechanism holds the pallets in place and pushes them off. You can haul 1-4 pallets with the trailer and can even do split loads. The tilt bed and push off mechanism are operated by a hand held remote so no heavy lifting is required. And the trailer is a bumper pull trailer so you don’t need a CDL to drive the trailer.

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How to deliver and unload top heavy pallets without a forklift.

Unloading Top Heavy pallets without a forklift is easy and cost efficient with the Deliveryman Haulit. Since the Deliveryman Haulit is a bumper pull tilt trailer there is no need for drivers to have a CDL in most areas. Transport pallets of material easily and cost effectively with the Haulit.  Eliminate the need for a separate vehicle, forklift, or manual labor to deliver your pallets.

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