Tilt Trailer Haulit vs. Dump Trailers

Unloading pallets and bulkgoods with a heavy duty tilt trailer is easier than ever with Haulit!

Would you say its easier to load and unload a regular dump trailer or a Haulit?

Landscapers, Brian and Benjy,from IMT tried out the Haulit Trailer and gave us their opinion after taking down a 50′ tree.  Their opinion is that loading the tilt trailer Haulit is much easier due to the lower sides, that the trailer can carry as much as one of their dump trailers, and unloading takes the same amount of effort because of the bulk material in this particular job, however, having the tilt trailer for unloading pallets would be extremely efficient and not something they are able to do without a forklift with regular dump trailers.

You can definitely save time, money and effort by using a Haulit Trailer with your maintenance business.


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7 Yards of Bulk Material Unloaded with a Workhorse Haulit

We tested the ability of the Workhorse Haulit to haul and unload 7 yards of topsoil. The trailer pulled beautifully, the chain driven pushoff moved off the whole load, and the only shoveling we needed was to clean off the trailer tail gate.

For more information about the Workhorse Haulit call 435-257-4736 or email randy@gvhaulit.com.